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Holy Guacamole!

Mud meets Mexico in this Wild Garlic Gaucamole

wild garlic guacamole
Wild Garlic Guacamole

Using wild garlic in your guacamole instead of crushed garlic cloves is a very simple way to use up your ransoms.


1 Avocado, pit removed and flesh scooped out

1 small handful wild garlic, washed and chopped roughly

Juice of half a lime

1 small hot chili finely chopped

5 cherry tomatoes halved



Throw all your ingredients into a pulse blender or mash in a pestle and mortar - don't go too far, it's nice with a few lumps! Garnish with young wild garlic leaves and cherry tomatoes, Serve with whatever you damn well please (or just eat it with a spoon like me).

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