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About Amy

Marmalade and Mud - Amy

I'm passionate about food, crafting and bringing up my family in a slower, more mindful way, closer to nature. I've lived on North West coast of England for most of my life and I love this part of the world and all it has to offer. I like to take long walks and notice the small beauties that are around us. The shells, the pebbles, the plants, the animals. 


Sometimes I get things wrong, sometimes I make things that only I will like, sometimes I mess things up completely and have to start again. But I am on a journey, with an unknown destination. There is no right or wrong path.


We are all connected to this beautiful planet and I want to spread the joy that comes from being creative and immersed in the natural world by sharing my thoughts, recipes and craft ideas with you.


I'm constantly learning and love hearing from others about their experiences, their knowledge, and their ideas, so please comment on a post or get in touch if you have anything you want to share.



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